GUITART GIFT VOUCHER Give unforgettable experiences, give Guitart as a gift.
With our Gift Voucher you are sure to get it right whatever the time of year. Your loved ones will be able to enjoy whatever they feel like, whether it's the sun and entertainment of the Costa Brava, the fresh air and snow of La Cerdanya or the architecture and gastronomy of Barcelona.

Our hotels in Lloret de Mar, La Molina and the centre of Barcelona offer experiences and activities to suit all tastes, with family, friends or as a couple.
Your gift will be a success with the Guitart Hotels Gift Voucher!

For every 100 € of purchase we give you 10 €.
So that giving Guitart as a gift is a gift for everyone!
For every €100 of purchase we give you €10
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Terms & Conditions:
The validity of this Gift Voucher is 1 year from the time of purchase. The beneficiary will receive the Gift Voucher in the email indicated at the time of purchase or, if preferred, in the buyer's email.
The Gift Voucher can be used in any of our destinations until the balance is used up.
The Gift Voucher can only be redeemed with a booking through our official website.
It cannot be exchanged for cash (or at the hotel), nor can a refund of any unused balance be requested. In case of bookings of less than the amount of the Gift Voucher, the differential remains intact for a subsequent booking.

I want to buy a GIFT VOUCHER

  • How can I buy a Guitart Gift Voucher?
    You can obtain a Gift Voucher from the GIFT VOUCHER section of our website, using a valid credit or debit card.
  • What is the amount of the Gift Voucher?
    The amount of the voucher can be any value equal to or greater than 50 €. For every 100 € you pay in, we will give you 10 €, which we will add to the voucher itself.
  • How will the recipient receive the Guitart Gift Voucher?
    During the purchase process, you will have to indicate the email address of the person you want to receive the Gift Voucher. Once the purchase has been confirmed by payment, the recipient will receive an email with the Gift Voucher, consisting of an alphanumeric code, along with the conditions to redeem it and all the details to be able to book.
  • What are the conditions of the Gift Voucher?
    Bookings made in whole or in part with Gift Voucher credits are subject to the conditions of the booking itself, in terms of confirmation, modification and cancellation. The Gift Voucher is non-cancellable, non-refundable, and non-exchangeable for cash.

I have been given a GIFT VOUCHER

  • How do I make a booking with my Gift Voucher?
    In the booking engine of our website, you will have to select the establishment, the dates, and the desired occupants. In the same bar, in the box DISCOUNT CODE you must enter the corresponding alphanumeric code in the Gift Voucher. Once the selection has been made and at the end of the booking process, the amount discounted on account of the voucher will be indicated, as well as the remaining balance, if any.
  • At which hotels can I use my Gift Voucher?
    You can redeem your Gift Voucher at any Guitart hotel. Check the complete list of our hotels here .
  • Can I pay for any extra service at the hotel with the Gift Voucher?
    The Gift Voucher is only valid for bookings made on the official website. Some of our hotels offer additional services that can be booked together with the accommodation, from the website itself, check them when you make your booking.
  • Is it possible to redeem the Gift Voucher for cash?
    No. It is not possible to redeem it for cash or to request a refund of any unused balance.
  • Can I redeem the Gift Voucher in any other way apart from the website?
    The Gift Voucher is only valid for bookings made through the official website.
  • What can I do if I lose the Gift Voucher code?
    Guitart Hotels cannot be held responsible in case of loss, theft, or unauthorised use of the Gift Voucher code.
  • How can I modify or cancel my reservation?
    Provided that the booking conditions allow it, if you wish to modify or cancel your booking, you will have to do so in the "My booking" section of the website, entering the e-mail address indicated in the booking and the locator received with the confirmation.
  • Who can use the Gift Voucher?
    Anyone with the alphanumeric code can use the Gift Voucher.
  • Does it have an expiry date?
    Yes, the Gift Voucher is valid for 1 year from the time of purchase.
  • Can I make more than one booking with a Gift Voucher?
    You can make as many bookings as you wish if the existing Gift Voucher credit allows.
  • What happens if the price is higher or lower than the booking?
    If the Gift Voucher has a higher credit than the reservation made, the remaining amount will be sent in a new Gift Voucher to the e-mail address indicated. If your Gift Voucher has a lower balance than the selected booking, you will have to pay the difference by credit or debit card.
  • How can I see the remaining balance of my Gift Voucher?
    Once a booking has been made, the remaining balance, if any, will be displayed.
  • Is it necessary to present the Gift Voucher at the reception on the day of arrival?
    It is not necessary to present the Gift Voucher at the hotel once it has been exchanged on the official website. You will only need to show the booking confirmation that will be sent to you by email.